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Sunday's Top 5 Plays | NBA Highlights

#MONEMondays @CallMeMONE "Dope Moves" [official video]

Bagstheboss - The Road To Hope: Season 2 Episode 1 [video]

@BagsTheBoss gets @Prosice to shoot the first episode of the second season of his Road To Hope web series. in this episode Bag$ takes you w| him as he performs at Arlenes Grocery in L.E.S., visits Teon Pierce on his latest video shoot and goes bowling w| the Star Fam at Whitestone Lanes.

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FML Daily

Today, I was having lunch at McDonald's when I dropped a French fry down my shirt. It stuck out the top of my bra. Before I had the chance to remove it, a creepy man picked it out and ate it saying that it was the best French fry he had ever eaten. FML