Kanye West “Thera Flu” Artwork by George Condo

NYC Phone Booths to Become ‘Smart Screen’ Stations

As part of a pilot program, 250 phone booths across the five boroughs will be outfitted next month with 32-inch smart screens.

The free touch-screen technology will display local neighborhood information in multiple languages. It will include lists of restaurants, store sales, traffic updates, landmark information and safety alerts. Over time, the screens could replace all of the city’s 12,800 outdoor pay phones.

#MoneMondays | @CallMeMone | One Take | [official video]

directed by @KWill_Films the whole track done in one take. crazy shit. the visuals is on point and the flow as well. #RoadToVictory

Rihanna Gives A Behind The Scenes Look At New Battleship Movie [video]

"Heart Of The City" @FuturisticRO [official video]

r.O.b (realist One breathin) presents the visual for his record "H.O.C (Heart Of The City)" directed and shot by Larry Arace which depicts the chlostrophobic feeling of being in a big city and chasing your dreams but feeling like the walls are closing in

her Curves.