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Producer Lex Luger Talks Crafting “B.M.F.”, “MC Hammer”

Complex recently sat down with producer Lex Luger, crafter of the some of the biggest street bangers out right now: Waka’s “Hard In Da Paint” and also Ricky Rozay’s “BMF” and “MC Hammer”. Check out how the latter two came into fruitionbelow:

On how “B.M.F.” came together…

Spiff of SpiffTV reached out to me for the “Hard In The Paint” instrumental because Ross wanted that. People were bumping “Hard In The Paint” in a car and he was like, “What song is that?” This is before “Hard In The Paint” even blew up. It was just the streets was fucking with it. So he was like, “Who the hell did that?” So he got on the computer and searched, “Who produced this song.” He found me on MySpace and Twitter and hit me like, “I need some of this music.” And I told him, “I got it, but I got other stuff that’s way better.” I was sending Spiff 30 beats a day for seven days. I sent him a gang of beats and out of those beats was “B.M.F.” and “MC Hammer.”

Because I make so many beats, sometimes they’ll have names, but sometimes they’ll just be like 1-50. This batch of beats was just numbers. Spiff told me, “That beat 13, put that aside. Don’t give it to nobody.” And I did the same thing with “MC Hammer.” He said, “That beat, put it aside.”

Actually, I heard “B.M.F.” way after it came out. For real, I was working and I ain’t want to be bothered with no Internet, no TV, nothing. People was telling me about the song, but I didn’t hear it. But I heard it a week later. It blew my mind. Then, everybody started hitting me up on Twitter, that’s when I realized. They were saying it was a banger. I knew it was hot but I ain’t know the radio was ready for it because it’s a hard record, just like “Hard In The Paint.” But that’s what people want now.

On making the “MC Hammer” beat…

I was going through stuff when I made that beat. If you listen to it, you can tell. I was going through some times with this whole music thang, you know what I’m saying? I felt like I wasn’t getting nowhere. My name really wasn’t buzzing. I didn’t think I could be like how Drumma Boy and them were. I had a real hard trap sound. Nobody got the sound I got.

That’s the new sound. Ain’t nobody heard this before and I’m bringing that out. But people always told me it ain’t gonna get me nowhere. It wouldn’t get me the real money. But I made it anyway, came through with ["B.M.F."] and then this record came and just threw that off. I actually like this better than “B.M.F.” because of that.