Kanye Debuts Short Film at the Cannes Film Festival

Last night Kanye debuted his highly talked about short film, Cruel Summer, at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was dispalyed at a pyramid-shaped tent at a car park across seven big screens. In his speech Kanye explained the reason for his set up...

“You’re always looking at a BlackBerry when you’re at a ball game or the theatre. It’s because of the amount of information we have at once… I can dream one day that (this) will be the way that one day people will watch movies”

Rihanna Performs WHYB on American Idol

I wonder if the dreads look was strictly for the performance or if this will be her new look...

Dru Barells - Reflections [Video]

First single off the Hard Liquor EP featuring productions by Heartstoppaz own, John Scino.