A lil bit more.

He Claims he's M.O.B

He knows I'm worth gold.

I'm like the ending to every story he's told.

He lies through his teeth; he's got a beautiful smile

He'll take the shirt off his back for ya though; I like that boy's style

Funny how time flies when u having fun.

Time stops then u feel like ur eye to eye with a gun.

Shit aint so serious tho. You gotta stop and let shit flow

He says he's chilling. When nigga is cooled off, I wont be willing.

Shit I'm not trying to fall, left with nothing when I'm giving my all.

Shit I'm not trying to force it either; a girl likes to know u need her.

I mean I'm good with or without you.

Hot Hot Hot

I know I have never seen anything like this. Can you even guess what this is? ....... It's a radiator from Antrax designed by Andrea Crosetta. This design is made of sheet metal and comes in both water and electric designs.

Bib Necklaces For The Fall

I am so in love with these Bib Necklaces for the Fall. Forever 21 has all of the fab designs so go and get yours.

Fashion's Night Out-BAPE New York | Featuring Kid Cudi

BAPE - New York
91 Greene Street | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-925-0222

Apple - Stainless Steel IPod Shuffle

[via Apple]

Lexus - LF-Ch Concept

[via Lexus]

Official Blackberry Bold 9700/Onyx

Over at CIO, Al Sacco promptly thrust his middle finger at an embargo request from T-Mobile, and so now we have our first official image of the Blackberry Bold 9700, or Onyx depending on where you live. The smartphone has some nice trappings — 3G, Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail and support for both corporate and personal e-mail accounts — and comes with pre-loaded apps such as Amazon’s MP3 store and turn-by-turn GPS from TeleNav. Earlier unconfirmed specs include a 480 x 360 resolution display, a 3.2-megapixel AF camera, 256 MB of application memory, Bluetooth and a new “trackpad” instead of the old trackball. For pricing and a release date, you’ll have to wait for the next broken embargo.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Alice in Waterland by Elena Kalis

Jay-Z interview wit Angie Martinez

(11:45) I’m sick of myself. Seriously, I gotta shut down after this. I never been on radio or TV this much in my life. I’m sick of myself.

(9:30) [Angie: Where you at with those guys?] Yeah, I speak to Chris often. Freeway as well. I spoke to Beans when his grandma passed, we had a conversation. I don’t speak to Peedi at all, cuz he’s a psycho. [Angie: Jeez, that's harsh.] What? [Angie: That's not harsh?] No, he’s a psycho. That’s what I truly believe. Not trying to be funny or anything.

(14:20) My man OG [Juan], when we talked about Vol. 3, he told me “Man, I HATE that album.” This is my brother. Then I said, “You like ‘So Ghetto’?” He’s was like “Yeah.” “Big Pimpin? Yeah.” After seven, he’s like “Yeah, but that album was terrible.” He liked 7 records out of 14 and said it was terrible. Anybody else has three records, they’re phenomal. I have to have 14 for 14, or it’s terrible. Not even just a good album, it’s terrible. “I hate, hate, hate that album.”

(17:40) I read that you went to go see Shyne and nobody’s asked you about that.
Not true. A lie, gossip, whatever you wanna call it.

(0:25) I can’t freestyle anymore. I’m done. [Angie: Backpackers are gonna have a field day with you.] Finished. Back when I was nice.. [Laughs.]

(8:10) [After Angie plugs ThisIs50 Fest] Nobody invited me there, I’ll take a check. Somebody get at me.

Quotes to cleanup:

I’ll be honest. I almost took Reminder off at the last second.

Are there any subliminals? Nah, never… Couple landmines. Still check for other people’s subliminals? I stopped listening to records in that way.

Do you ever miss Damon? Rocafella was beautiful in its original state. That’s my answer.

Wale....idk how u do it kid

idk i cant see anything good coming from this pic

Audrina?? i wouldve never guest it...

she has a lil something going on back there for a white girl lol
im just saying...