Glamours Asks: Which Body Part Do You Like A Man To Compliment?

Glamour Asks:

A new poll from the worldwide dating and networking site Badoo, which started in London, has found that women prefer to be complimented on very different body parts - depending on where they live or where they're from.

The site provided 12 different ice breakers, each flattering a specific body part or aspect of a woman's appearance. Users tried these openers in 200,000 online flirtations (and in 11 different languages!). What determined the success of these lines was whether or not the woman responded and began a conversation. The winning line, “You have beautiful lips,” worked across all cultures and nationalities. Certain lines did well in specific countries…

They broke it down like this:

LIPS: Worked with women across all cultures and nationalities

SKIN: German and Canadian women

EARS: Dutch and Portuguese women

LEGS: British women

HOW WELL YOU DRESS: American, Australian, and Brazilian women

HAIR: Spanish women

Rabbit Snood

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Burglar Steals Laptop From Home And Then Uploads His Picture Onto Victim's Son's Facebook Wall

So a burglar in Washington D.C decided to hit up a home for some electronics, cash and even the damn coat he's seen wearing above. He wasnt and hasnt been caught YET......but seeing that he dumbed-down his crime its almost certain he will now.You see, among the items he took was a laptop belonging to the homeowner's teenage son. That's not a surprise seeing that a laptop is a valuable item to rip off, but what the burglar did later on definetly was a surprise and most likely his impending downfall. Seemingly wanting to brag about his take, he decided to upload a photo of himself directly on the teen's Facebook wall for all his friends and now the world to see.

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Fabolous, Swizz Beatz & Trey Songz Congratulate Diddy On His New Album Last Train To Paris [Video]

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