New Music!!! @DaveRapsILL "In The Morning" [video + mp3]

got a email from a fan of wifih to checkout this video and I gotta say I was pretty impresed, the kid held his own over the J. Cole and Drake instrumental to "In The Morning" and im looking forward to hearing more material from em'

Blackberry to come out with the "Torch 2"

Whether you love or hate the design of the Torch, that was never where the main beef lay -- instead, that honor would have to go to the lackluster internals, capped off with an awful, washed-out 480 x 360 display that had no business sitting in a device that's supposed to be the crown jewel of RIM's phone lineup. Well, capping off a wild day of BlackBerry leaks and rumors over at BGR comes news of a Torch 2 in the works that might just make good on those shortcomings (and a whole lot more) thanks to a 1.2GHz processor, 14.4Mbps triband HSPA, a VGA display at the original Torch's same 3.2-inch size, BlackBerry OS 6.1, and -- like some of the other leaks we've seen -- integrated NFC, which suggests the Nexus S may have started something good here. Specs aside, yeah... the phone itself is nearly a dead ringer for the model it replaces, adding some chrome accents and calling it good. If BGR's sources are on, you can look for this in the third quarter on AT&T.

Ganoderma Fever !!!

Just wanted to share this because its absolutely amazing. If your not a coffee drinker (like myself) don't worry they have tea, chocolate,oatmeal, lotions, soaps, toothpaste, & even an easier way to get Ganoderma in your system is just by taking one of their pills.

Glamour Says: 6 Ways To Cheer Up A Loved One Who Is Feeling Down

Glamour Says:

Have a movie night (or day). Grab a bunch of DVDs he or she loves and have a marathon movie session on the couch. You can make popcorn, snack on candy in movie-theater boxes and sip soda. It can be really relaxing to just veg in front of the television with a friend by your side; there’s not so much pressure to talk while watching a favorite movie or television series but if your pal feels the need to vent, you’ll be right there.

Cook a favorite dish. Make a batch of this special person’s favorite cookies or a even a savory casserole he or she can’t get enough of. Swing by his or her home and drop it off with a heartfelt note.

Just listen. Sometimes when a person is feeling down, they just need to talk it out. Sit down with your pal over a cup of tea or coffee and really pay attention to his or her words. It’s natural to feel like we should add to the conversation, but it’s often wonderfully helpful to just open your ears and take it all in.

Get out of the house. If it seems your friend has been cooped up indoors and is need of some fresh air, hit the great outdoors together. You two could take a walk around the block or even visit an outdoor shopping center. A thirty minute car ride might also help get your pal’s mind off things

Open up your home. Invite him or her over to your house to just hang out. You two could watch television, play board games or just sit around and gossip.

Send out your love. If you live far from this person, send a card with a sweet note written on the inside. If you can find a old picture of the two of you being silly, tuck it inside of the card to give your pal a smile.

Sequins And Leather

Burnished-gold sequin panels make Day Birger et Mikkelsen's taupe crinkled leather cropped jacket a chic evening coverup. For maximum impact, wear it over an all-black outfit.

Carine Gilson Spring 2011 Lingerie Collection

New Music!!! @REYNOS "Back Uptown"

New song from Washington Heights bossman Reynos "Back Uptown" they kno! do you?

#FattyFriday + 1 video

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

iPad Paint Brushes

Unique artist paintbrush and stylus for iPad. Made with a long handle and soft bristles. Used for sketching and painting on touchscreen devices. Available February 2011.

Funniest Facebook Convo

I found this while browsing through Tumblr. I found it to be hilarious. Enjoy!

MAC's Wonder Woman Collection Due For The Spring

MAC's Wonder Woman collection will launch in March 2011 and will come in branded packages. Some names are "Lady's Justice," "Valiant" and "Defiant."

New Music!!! @NeoDaMatrix "CTC [cut the check]"

producer turned rapper Neo Da Matrix drops some bars over a ill beat showing he's a double threat to you producers not on your grind.

NBA's Top 5 Plays for January 13th

Diddy ft. Ludacris "Tomorrow Tonight" [prod. by the Runners]

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