Shwood Select 2012 Lookbook

experimenting with a 3D technique from the early 1800’s, Shwood presents a stereoscopic view of their new “Shwood Select” premium line of wooden eyewear. available now through shwoodshop.com.

Zumo Kollie ft. King Mez - Shooting Stars Down [official video]

Nike | Find Your Greatness [video]

Greatness isn't reserved for the chosen few in one special city, it can also be found in London, Ohio, and London, Norway, and East London, South Africa, and Little London, Jamaica, and Small London, Nigeria and the London Hotel and London Road and anywhere else someone is trying to find it.

Find Your Greatness at http://nike.com
Share your greatness at http://twitter.com/nike

Troy Ave - Shame [official video]

directed by TkTk Films

late #TittyTuesday

FML Daily

Today, I received a "get well soon" card in the mail, which I found just a little odd, since I was feeling completely fine. Not an hour later, I tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. FML