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Moncler X Pharrell Williams f/w 2010 Collection

Gotta Love Tan Lines

Google TV

Google has teamed up with Sony and Intel, and the three companies will be releasing Google TV. Google TV, made by Sony and powered by Intel chips. It will run the Android OS.
The TV project, according to the New York Times

Amber Rose For In*Tandem Magazine

Straight Stuntin Mag Covershoot for @YamiDoll

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Nas & Damien Marley | Live At SXSW

Method Man, Ghostface Killah, & Raekwon "Our Dreams" [trailer]

Walmart Daily

T-Pain "Reverse Cowgirl" [video]

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Friday's Top 10 | NBA Highlights

Sex Position Of The Day

The Bodyguard is a Spooning position with all the intensity of 'Doggy Style', the connectivity of a side-by-side position, and the eroticism that comes with the uniqueness of all of the standing positions. To get in this position, the receiver simply stands in front and is penetrated from behind. This position is especially good in allowing the giving partner access to touch and caress the other's body, so make sure to keep those hands occupied!

The only difficult part of this sex position is aligning the genitals which can be quite a problem for some couples. The easiest fixes are: standing on a stair, foot stool, couch cushion or, if you are up to it, maybe some heels.