John Sportin "Crying Time x Rudeboyz" [official video]

@JohnSportin - Crying Time & RudeBoyz Official Music Video
Directed by: @TheGreatZeee (www.zowiscamera.com)

[bts] @LoKeys910 Scandalous Clothing | Shocking Goat Watches Photoshoot

IglooMediaBase takes you behind the scenes of Lo Keys Photoshoot
with Scandalous Social Club and Shocking Goat Watches In Downtown
Los Angeles. Visit www.shockinggoat.com and www.scandaloussocialclub.com to stay updated with the latest in fashion.

FML Daily

Today, I needed to pay off a $35 parking ticket. To try and get some sort of revenge, I went to the bank and got 3,500 pennies, dumped them into a bucket, and refused to pay with anything besides the pennies. They called the police. I was arrested and cited $147. FML