Where's 50?

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so im guessing BISD sold even less this week anyone know whats the official number?

Lupe Fiasco "Solar Midnite" [official video]

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Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne "Scared Money"

Lupe Fiasco "Solar Midnite" [behind the scenes]

Back Like I Never Left.

u think we havent walked the same paths?
well we've folded the same maps.
i know that ur smart, u aint a fool,
only weve fallen for the same traps.
you say i havent walked as far as you,
but ive got that the same scars as you.
been in the same games and stayed in the same lanes.
yet i never had you;
only one to get you but i never got you.
i guess i only made some noise but i never got through
trying to kick in your doors,
but you only saw wat was not true
some white lies but never black holes.
what u wanted me to be , all that and more.
what i needed to be?
never thought about it before.
i guess there was too many options and not enough decisions
too many players not enough conditions ?
maybe too many opinions when it was just coming down to you and me
i wanted you and u wanted she , she thought she wanted you but you really wanted me.
knowing all of me just not knowing who i was.
i was feeding off the vibe and you were feeding off the buzz
and i said it every time ,I wanted you to break my heart so bad
i didnt want to say that what i wanted i never had.

KiD CuDi "Pursuit of Happiness"

Timbaland ft. Drake "Say Something"

50 Cent "Do You Think About Me"