Sex Position Of The Day

Not just anyone can merit the title, Super-Woman. But if they can assume this position, they have certainly got a shot. A thrilling member of the rear entry family of positions, this one will really keep you sex-plorers hanging!

Lovers can prepare for this 'flight' by assuming either the Doggy Style Standing or the Bend Over position with the receiver’s back to the giver’s front, with the receiver’s hands placed on a sturdy flat surface in front. The giver grasps the other by the thighs to lift them over a couch or bed so they can reach below for support.

As our heroine is suspended in the air, it is critical to avoid over-extending the back; this outcome can be avoided by having the giving partner hold them securely by the hips, hands as close to the waist as possible. If the receiver augments this by keeping their abdominal muscles engaged, you're truly ready to have some fervid fun.

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