Fendi Eye Candy

So these Fendi shoes, new for the fall of 09, were brought to my attention when @ItzurgirlB posted em on twitter. These shoes are THEE shit. Any woman in these will look absolutely amazing. They literally made my heart skip a beat.

Epic Fail on th Bape Fall 2009 Skull Sta Cookie

idk what they was thinking over at BAPE but these are far from hot.

mastermind JAPAN × Rocky Mountain FeatherBed Co. Down Vest

The mastermind JAPAN × Rocky Mountain FeatherBed Co. Down Vest is now available from Ron Herman in Tokyo

Turkish Sofas - oversized sofa sets by Laurameroni

LIL Wayne has yet another female pregnant?

word is wayne has a stripper from LA knocked up this time, i dont know how true the story is but its floating around. She has been going around telling her fellow exotic dancing friends shes holding waynes baby. She's said to be of east indian descent and work at the strip club Spearmint Rhino[watever that means].

if its true Wayne heres a few words of wisdom..."Wrap it up nigga"

RUN DMC & JMJ Street Naming in Hollis today

Global Booties

I like, I like. Christian Louboutin has these daring booties for the ladies. These have been named "Global 100 Suede Boots". There slip on and very sexy. Keep up the work Mr. Louboutin.

Faithful Leather Glove Clutch

Alexander McQueen's Faithful Leather Glove Clutch is a keeper. I'm not really feelin the glove but the clutch is a cutieeee. I just love that soft leather look to it.

Seriously Kim??!!

Is Kim Kardashian stepping into the dark side? This is the latest issue of the YRB magazine and I'm soooo not feeling these pics. If I was Kim I would NOT agree with this photoshoot.

Brazilian Bezel Swimwear

Brazilian Bezel Swimwear is a new hot swimwear line by my aunt Diana Delatorre (sexy blonde in the second pic). She has a very good eye for fashion and is very creative. You can view more of her work on her site. I'm sure you'll see something that catches your eye. Enjoy!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!