T.I. ft. BIG K.R.I.T "Im Flexin" [official video]

Two Women Sentence To Life For Beating 3yr old To Death

Two women collapsed in court after receiving life sentences for the death of a 3-year-old girl. Shanita Latrice Cunningham and Erica Mae Butts were sentenced Thursday morning for the death of Serenity Richardson.

Shortly after being sentenced to life, both Butts and Cunningham fell to the floor with emotional outcries coming from family members. Both women had to be wheeled out of the court room. In November of 2009, EMS was dispatched to 207 Congaree River Drive in the Lakes of Summerville subdivision around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Richardson was not breathing and was later pronounced dead at Summerville Medical Center. "All I ask is that justice be served for her today. That she finally can seriously rest in peace, and then maybe, just maybe I can breathe a breath of fresh air," said Ieshia Richardson, the victim's mother.

Wiz Khalifa - WK Today | episode 1 & 2 [video]

new video series from wiz and his crew.

Fat Joe ft. French Montana "Welcome To The Darkside" [official video]

off the intro track to Fat Joe's Welcome To The Darkside Vol. 2 mixtape

Perfect Set Of Eyes

Safe House [movie trailer]

When a CIA-operated safe house is targeted by a group of bad guys, the facility's house-sitter is tasked with the dangerous job of moving the criminal who is being hidden there to another secure location
in theathers 3.10.12

WIFIH Exclusive!!! @BagsTheBoss "Tats On My Broad"

Bagstheboss releases "Tats On My Broad [Tats On My Arm Freestyle]" as an ode to females with tattoos.

Download "Tats On My Broad" Here

Watch "The Road To Hope: Webisode #6" - Bagstheboss

Glamour Says: Oral Sex- Tell Your Boyfriend to Do This When He's Going Down On You!

Glamour Says:

Unfortunately, some dudes are lost when it comes to oral sex, giving it that is. If your man needs a little direction, or if you’d just like a new sensation, try this oldie but goodie: ask him to use his tongue to “spell out” the alphabet on you. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could ask him to spell out a word or fun message and see if you can decipher his cunnilingus code.

Winter Turban

The A. OK charcoal knit turban is a fitted grey turban styled beanie.

measurements: length - 9.5 inches, width - 8.5 inches

While Roaming Through Tumblr.....

New Music!!! @CMR718 "Keep It Thoro" [freestyle]

new freestyle from CMR over Prodigy's "Keep It Thoro" instrumental. CMR's new mixtape "*Cocaine, Planes & Palm
" coming early 2012.

Listen And Download "Keep It Thoro" Here

Man Who Created Vans Shoes Has Died

[Gawker] Vans, makers of the ubiquitous skater-culture sneaker, has lost its founding father. James Van Doren (pictured, right) died on Oct. 12th at age 72 at his home in Fullerton, Ca. The cause was cancer. The company began as the Van Doren Rubber Company, maker of rubber-soled canvas leisure shoes for the casually stylish California man. The classic Vans slip-on, made iconic by Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, was initially devised as a boat shoe with an extra-strong grip to keep the wearer firmly upright on a pitching deck.

Hawaiian Candy

via The Clouded Mind Sees Nothing

Rihanna - Talk That Talk [tracklist]

only one featured artist is said to be on this Talk That Talk album coming from rihanna. set to drop 11.21.11


1. “We Found Love”
2. “You the One”
3. “Watch and Learn”
4. “Roc Me Out”
5. “Cockiness”
6. “Talk That Talk”
7. “Answer”
8. “Drunk on Love”
9. “Farewell”
10. “We All Want Love”
11. “Red Lipstick”
12. “Fool in Love”
13. “Where Have You Been”
14. “Do Ya Thang”
15. “Birthday Cake”

"Loving My Music" @YoungRellBNB [official video]

directed by @Hall_of_Mirrors

Thats Crazy... Lindsay Lohan Serves Just Hours of 30-Day Jail Sentence

[MTV] Lindsay Lohan was in and out of jail on Sunday night in Los Angeles. No, the trouble actress did not run afoul of the law again, she checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood to begin her 30-day jail sentence for violating her probation.

But, due to the chronic overcrowding in L.A. jails, according to TMZ, Lohan arrived at 8:48 p.m. and was released less than five hours later at around 1:30 a.m. This was Lohan's fifth trip to jail since her first arrest for drunken driving in 2007.

Morning Cakery

FML Daily

Today, while working, I was flirting with this cute girl I was ringing up. When I asked her if she had her store card she said "No", paused, then said "Can I give you my number?". I said "Sure, that would be great, do you want mine?". She said "No." I didn't know I could punch in her card with just the number. FML