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ASU Fight In The Cafeteria

An all out brawl happened in the center of Alabama State’s campus and it was all caught on camera.

CBS 8 obtained exclusive video of a fight that broke out in the middle of lunch in Alabama State’s cafeteria.

Chairs were thrown and you can see one chair even hits an officer.

Students say that ASU football players were involved, but ASU campus police say that is still under investigation.

Students who were there to see it all happen say the inside of the cafeteria was completely destroyed.

“When I got in the cafeteria, the fight had already started. The tables were flipped. The chairs were turned over. Food was everywhere,” said ASU freshman Maurice Smith.

Students say they’ve heard threats that more fights are coming and could involve even more people.

No one received any major injuries from today’s fight.

One person was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. ASU police are still investigating the case and say more arrests could be made.


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I can’t believe Rem’s been locked up almost 4 years now. And she could have possibly been out soon…but a judge shot down her request for an appeal on the argument that a judge didn’t properly inform jurors before they announced her guilty verdict. Remy is currently doing time for a 2007 shooting of a friend that allegedly stole $3000 from her, and is still slated for a 2013 release. We miss you, Rem!! via @MarisaMendez

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