Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Adidas By Stella McCartney Cut Out Tunic

This is the kind of sport street chic that makes our hear go pitter patter. Simply all around fly. To be worn as you please, available at net-a-porter.

Michael Jordan Shattering The Backboard

During a 1985 Nike Exhibition game in Italy, Michael Jordan tops off his 30 points with a high-flying, backboard-shattering dunk, set to the Crocodile Dundee theme song.

"Let Go" @CeezLuciano [official video]

GRIND Magazine: Supreme 2011 Spring/Summer Collection Lookbook

GRIND Magazine brings us this opportunity to have another closer look at some
of the latest pieces from the spring summer 2011 collection from Supreme.
Good use of this seasons items has created some nice outfit ideas which feature,
among others the new Playboy x Supreme collaboration, the Liberty
print and Hawaiian shirts and the Trail shorts. Items are available at
Supreme stores and via their website. HB

Stoners' Delight

There are so many things you can do with cannabis besides smoking it away in a big ol' blunt. And Stoners' Delight ($10) is here to tell you about some of them. Weighing in at less than a 100 pages — give the authors a break, they were probably busy, umm, "testing" the recipes — this pot-centric cookbook offers instructions on how to make everything from the tried-and-true brownie to teas, drinks, and other non-flammable forms of enjoyment.

Bernice Burgos: Bet on Black

Carmelo Anthony On David Letterman

#FattyFriday + 1 video

Coming Soon From Adobe: Flash Video To Your iPad

DJ Pauly D To G-Unit?

TMZ is reporting that DJ Pauly D is extremely close to joining 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. The two have apparently met in New York City last week to discuss a three-album record deal for the "Jersey Shore" star. Sources also told TMZ that Curtis is looking to complete the deal before Pauly heads over to italy to shoot the upcoming season of Jersey Shore.


FML Daily

Today, my boyfriend finally let me take his dog on a walk, after two years of not trusting me to keep her safe. During the walk, a car drove by, causing her to run after it and pulling the leash out of my hand. Five hours later, and I still can't find her. FML