Cassidy 4 Minute Live Freestyle on Stage

Tahiry's Latest Shoot With Patrick Neree

Diddy/Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross & Trey Songz "Your Love (remix)" [official video]

Diddy/Dirty Money Ft. Rick Ross & Trey Songz - "Your Love" (Remix) from jr dollarez on Vimeo.

NY Mets Cheerleader Tehmeena

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- Smooch This Sensitive Spot During Your Next Hook Up Session

The next time you find yourself rolling around the hay with a lucky fellow, give him a kiss in this unexpected but super sensitive area. Plant a wet one on one (or both!) of his hip bones. You could make a pit stop at the hips before heading down south for some oral action. Or you could just mosey on down there and then venture back up north to his mouth. Either way, the move will give him chills!

Hot Tattoo!!!

Bowling Pin Container

“It’s not really a bowling pin,” you’ll tell your guests. They’ll question that fact, but then you pull off the top of this elegant container. “See? Candy!” you’ll say, and then they will love you. The elk and laurel detailing says “You're a winner!” because you are.
Ceramic. 6”x15.5”

Star Print Shorts With A Touch Of Crystals

Sprayed with Swarovski crystals and dusted with a star print, Balmain's off-white and light-gray leather shorts are on every cool girl's wish list for summer.

Vado Talks About His Interscope Deal

While Roaming Through Tumblr.....

New Music!!! @SupaNovaLove X Nate X Red X @JuanJynkz X @SangoXKai "Yesterday's Tomorrow's"

NBA's Top 10 Plays for March 29th

Eleven Objects Accessories

Eleven Objects Accessories are not the kind of accessories you see everyday. These pieces are more on the edgy side. Collars with studs and prints? I haven't seen this before, but I kinda like it.

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