Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill & Gunplay "Finals"

Dave Raps LIVE at UC (w/ Chip Tha Ripper & DJ EV)


While Roaming Through Tumblr.....

Killer Flow ft. @BagsTheBoss "John" [freestyle]

Glamour Says: 3 Ways To Make Your Feet As Pretty As Your New Sandals

Sometimes having pretty feet isn't as easy as a quickie pedicure. Here are three quick tips for making your 10 little piggies worthy of your cutest summer shoes.

1. Don't forget to sunscreen your feet.

One bad flip-flop tan (or worse, burn) can create lines that last all summer long and interfere with your cute strappy heels.

2. When you'll be walking around the city, skip the foot lotion.

If you live in a city, you probably dread the dirty feet that come with sandal season. Putting on lotion right before you go out just attracts lots more grime, so if you can, skip it. And carry a travel pack of wipes in case you need to spot-clean your feet when you arrive at your destination.

3. Before bed, rub in a power moisturizer.

Rather than use plain-old body lotion, try something with lactic acid, urea and/or salicylic acid. These ingredients melt away dull, dead skin--it's like pumicing in your sleep without lifting a finger.

Cloud Lamp

How cute is this Cloud Lamp? VERY!

Hot Tattoo!!!

New Music!!! @LoKeys910 "If You Could Only See" [prod. by Magnus]

New song from Lo Keys entitled "If You Could Only See" From his Up and 
Coming Mixtape "The Green Hornet" Coming Soon!!!

Mysonne "She Aint You"

Prodigy Book Signing At Crooks Sunset Store For "My Infamous Life"

Nothing But BIg Blunts

A Look Back... | Aaliyah, Puff Daddy and Jay-Z

NBA 2K12 [game trailer]

available 10.4.2011

Hot Pot BBQ By Black + Blum

Beyonce "Best Thing I Never Had"

FML Daily

Today, while I was sleeping, my girlfriend took my phone and set the ringtone to a bloodcurdling scream. I found this out when I received a call while driving to work and, thinking someone was being murdered in my backseat, I panicked and swerved into a parked car. FML