JD House by BAK Architects

Buenos Aires-based studio BAK Architects has designed the JD House.

Built in 2010, this 1,790 square foot concrete residence is located in Mar Azul, a small coastal settlement in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.


Cmon Son 26

Faux Fur Bear Hat

Bear hat, featuring a pull on design with a curved main and bear ear design, in a fluffy, faux fur finish.

Thats Crazy... Man Shot For Returning Neighbor's Grill Without Cleaning It

@HoodEMT_DTF RT'd a article i had to post...
A shooting that left one Brooklyn man dead and another wounded stemmed from a misunderstanding over a grill that was borrowed and returned dirty, sources said.
Michael Daley, 33, was mortally wounded, and his landlord was also shot during an argument with three men outside Daley's Canarsie home, police said.

"They are known to each other. It's an ongoing beef and it's back and forth," said a police source. "The dispute may have erupted over borrowed items."

FML Daily

Today, it was raining heavily. I saw a large puddle by the edge of the road near with a passing lady. Thinking it would be funny to splash her, I swerved to hit the puddle. The puddle was deeper than I thought. I lost control of the car, spun out, and hit two parked cars. FML