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Thats Crazy... Walgreens Employee Fired For Pulling Out A Gun While being Robbed

36-year old Jeremy Hoven is suing a Walgreens store in Michigan after he was fired one week after he says he was praised for shooting at two armed robbers who came into his store at 4:30AM this past Mother’s Day and took the floor manager hostage. Jeremy who has worked at the store for 5 years and was robbed there in 2007 says he was scared for his life, but Walgreens told him there was a “non escalation” policy in the employee manual he should have followed.

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Yeezy Will Present His Spring/Summer 12' Collection At Paris Fashion Week

Kanye will unveil his first womenswear collection during Paris fashion week. the s|s 2012 collection will be shown at 9:30pm Oct.1st. I can only imagine what kinda crazy/ill shit hes gonna come up with.

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- A Saucy Way To Heat Up Foreplay

The next time you’re hooking up with your man, try using a blindfold during foreplay. Have the person who is, ahem, being serviced wear the blindfold so that he or she can really focus on the sensations of the partner’s touch. And don’t worry about running out and getting a fancy kinky blindfold; you could use a soft scarf to keep your peepers covered.

Pusha T "Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray" [cover x track list]

Official artwork and tracklist for Pusha T’s EP Fear Of God 2: Let Us Pray which will be released September 27th.

1. Changing Of The Guards (Feat. Diddy)
2. Amen (Feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy)
3. Trouble On My Mind (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)
4. What Dreams Are Made Of
5. O There It Is
6. Feeling Myself (Feat. Kevin Cossom)
7. Raid (Feat. 50 Cent & Pharrell)
8. My God
9. I Still Wanna (Feat. Rick Ross & Ab Liva)

Beach Bum #51

#TittyTuesday | NSFW

Every Rose Has It's Thorn

Chrishabana Rose/Thorn Earrings give that extra 'umph' to your ears. How can something so soft and gentle go so well with something so rough and tough? Great Combo!

Rachel Roy x Amar'e Stoudemire | Fashion Meets Basketball [video]

the teaser for designer Rachel Roy and basketball player Amar’e Stoudemire’s new fashion collection

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FML Daily

Today, my dad decided to wake me up by opening the shades and having the sun shine on my face. When he pulled them up, the metal holder on top broke off and fell on me. FML