Glamour Says: 7 Nail Polish Colors That Work For Summer Into Fall

Glamour Says: These are the perfect colors for summer going into fall...

Hot Pink

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Cool Wall Lamps

Pre-Fall Looks At Pixie Market

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Hot Tattoo!!!

Bang It Out!

I love love love me a good ol bang. This Fall it is said that bangs will def be in. I honestly cut my bang every fall. It just gives my hair that special umph. So will you bang it out this fall?

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Modoc Designs

Modoc Designs are hand beaded one of a kind designs. I love different things, so this is a thumbs up for me.

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Lipstick Flask

Isn't it always so difficult to find your lipstick in your bag when you're out partying? It's never in the pocket you thought you put it in, or worse, it's somehow lodged in the lining. Well, now you can make the lipstick into the party with this jumbo sized lipstick flask! Miniature funnel included. Made of rubber, plastic and metal, holds 125ml (4oz) and measures 1.5x1.5x5.3"

FML Daily

Today, I worked overtime with three guys who never shut up about partying and getting laid. When I finally escaped the testosterone and got home, the first thing I heard was my grandpa telling my dad all about how he once fisted a girl to orgasm. FML