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“I Still Smoke a Lot of Pot…” Says Gaga

(HP) – “I still smoke a lot of pot when I write music,” she said. “So I’m not gonna, like, sugar coat it for ’60 Minutes’ that I’m some, like, sober human being, ’cause I’m not.”

It’s an honest admission from the artist, who so often bears her soul for the world to see. During her Grammy acceptance speech, her voice wavered as she thanked her family and friends for all the help.

Gaga opened up much more in the interview, talking about her family, career — and what men call her in bed.

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Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Cee Lo Green "Bodies" [official video]

Walmart sells man fake iPad, won’t refund

Apparently an Atlanta man purchased an “Apple iPad” from his local Walmart store only to discover the iPad to be a store prop. The fake looks just like an iPad with an outer shell identical to the real thing, but it’s hollow inside with a screenshot of the iPad home screen sitting under the fake glass display. The kind you’d normally find at a Walmart.

The man has requested a refund from Walmart for the fake, but Walmart is refusing and is sort of blaming Apple about the issue. The local news speculates that somebody purchased an iPad, swapped it with the fake, and returned it. Walmart is blaming Apple since Apple apparently handles the exchanges for the popular reseller’s Apple product sales. The man claims he will be filing a lawsuit against Walmart if the situation does not get properly resolved 9to5mac

COMME DES GARÇONS X Converse Jack Purcell Shoe

CONVERSE JACK PURCELL has anounced the collaboration with COMME des GARÇONS PLAY on the release of a shoe avalaible in march 2011 in limited quantities.

Dave Raps "H.Y.P.E." [mixtape]

Dave Raps finally drops the long awaited H.Y.P.E installment, open your ears and listen. download link and tracklisting below...

#TittyTuesday | NSFW

J. Cole ft. Drake "In The Morning" [official video]

filmed while on tour with Drake in Paris France, dope video of the song off J Cole's "Friday Night Lights" mixtape

NBA's Top 10 Plays for Feb. 14th

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