To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen Cheating Caught On Tape

The man that rose to fame for catching older men preying on under-age girls on camera, has now fallen victim to the same camera that once made him famous.
“To Catch A Predator” host Chris Hansen has been caught on video cheating on his wife with a Florida reporter, according to the National Enquirer.

Fabolous Reveals New Tattoo Of His Son

Fabolous is a proud father and isn't afraid to show it now that the Brooklyn emcee has debuted his latest tattoo—a picture of his son.
The NY rapper took to Twitter Friday to show off the new ink of his son on his arm.
The tatt shows the rapper's son Johan, also the son of Love and Hip-Hop star Emily B, surrounded by an angel.

Behind the Scenes of Mesha Seville Bodypaint Shoot

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- A Flirty Move To Use Tonight

The next time you’re showering solo, call your boyfriend into the bathroom. Once he arrives, coyly tell him that you need help washing your back. Hand him a sudsy shower pouf and then turn around to display your sexy backside. The slippery soap will feel lovely dripping down your back and your man will totally dig the view. After you’ve quickly rinsed off, make a run for the bedroom to continue the action.

Hot Tattoo!!!

Art Breaker

Designer: Francois Dallegret

Material: Steel with 14k gold and chrome plating

Dimensions: 4 x 2 x ½ inches

A table object or paperweight, comprised of two precision pieces that rotate on a hidden central axis. Can be set in several fascinating sculptural compositions.

Cherry Blossoms

* Intricately detailed sculpted iron in a cherry blossom design
* Mounted within a rustic wood frame
* Loop at the top for proper wall placement
* 11"l, 7"w

Only at Urban

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High Vamp Wedges

Red suede high vamp wedges with ankle strap detail.
Heel approx 5 inches.
100% Leather.
Do not wash.

#FattyFriday + 1 video

5 Pounds of Cocaine Found in Sneaker Soles at JFK Airport

People have been trying to smuggle drugs in any and everything for ages. How about stuffing 5 pounds of yayo in sneakers? Welp thats exactly what happened at JFK Airport last Thursday. Some leftover luggage from the Dominican Republic was found and was searched. Custom agents examined the bag and found 4 pairs of sneakers that were unusually heavy. Why? How about nearly 5 pounds of cocaine stuffed in the soles of the shoes. Crazy right?! According to documents, the cocaine had a street value of a $107,000.  As of today the owner of the luggage has not been found (and probably won’t). source

My Bitch Roll And She Don't Even Smoke

Beyonce: Year Of 4 [Documentary video]

FML Daily

Young Chris ft. The Notorious B.I.G "Me And My Chick" [video]