The Addidas NBA All-Star 2013 Jersey's

which team you going for?

Stori - Pocketbook

Motown artist @Storimusic drops a song titled "Pocketbook". the singer/rapper out of new jersey also has a mixtape in the works.

Rick Ross Live At Marquee [video]

her Curves.

FRIEDDAY At The Loft [event]

email frieddayloft@gmail.com for location.

Weather - @Bizness516 [official video]

Top 10 Plays 1.15.2013 | NBA Highlights [video]

Kim Kardashian Talks Relationship w| Beyonce & Pregnancy [video]

  Kim Kardashian sits down w| Sway and discusses her show along w| sister Kourtney, still being married to Kris Humphries, the tabloids and about her relationship w| Beyonce.

FML Daily

Today, I was walking out of my girlfriend's house with her when I saw her thong drying on the rack. I picked it up, sniffed it and put it on my face as a joke. She replied with, "Those are my mother's." FML