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Banned iPhone 4 Commercial lmao

"Teflon Don" Release Party Footage

official footage from Rick Ross' Teflon Don album release party at Amnesia

Rick Ross Explains “Free Mason”


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#TittyTuesday | NSFW

Gucci Mane Interview w| Jenny Boom Boom

What I feel is not so hot

I'm not talking about the weather, Seeing as how its hotter than a homo in church... I'm talking about the "not so hot " fuckery I'm seeing on these streets. I'm gonna focus on the ladies for now.

Ladies, first things first .... I know its hot out there. Trust me. But if any part of your leg resembles any part of these women....

..... I beg you on behalf of society, DO NOT WEAR SHORTS. Although I'm lucky enough to not suffer from cellulite, I wont wear shorts because my legs are whiter than Eminem. You can avoid this display of disgust by wearing Bermuda shorts ,capris, long skirts etc.

Next up ... the Camel Toe aka twat knot , moose knuckle (you get the point) . I'm sorry but not even the baddest bitches (i.e. Coco) can pull this off. It screams "yeast infection" and quite frankly has to be uncomfortable.

Luckily there's a solution, buy your pants a size bigger !!! Voila !! Either that or check the mirror before you leave the house. Usually a pair of panties solves most camel toe catastrophes. Or keep on rockin it and you'll end up with a prescription for UTI meds and a gallon of cranberry juice.

In related issues... JUST BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT IN YOUR SIZE DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR IT!!! I'm talking about you larger ladies. Be clear I'm not dissing big girls ...shittt I'm almost one myself lol. Its all about wearing what flatters you.

and clearly, this is unflattering. But you cant tell her nothing lmao.

Another nasty epidemic....Uggs in the summer. First of all , I personally wouldn't rock those Muppet babies in the dead of winter. To each their own. But in the summer really?

You know when those come off its smelling like Dipsy Doodles and old cheese.

One of my biggest peeves... dirty/uncared for feet in general . Then you have nerve to throw sandals on those bear claws? DISGUSTING. If your feet ever looked like this and you WEREN'T in a natural disaster, you should kill yourself.

And last but certainly not least, "sexy/cute" pictures of yourself and the filth you live in. I will never understand this. You put your best bra on, glossed your lips up and got the camera at the most flattering angle you could achieve... but you leave your room/bathroom a filthy mess ?? Then you post it on the social networking site of your choice for all to see ? SMH

All I'm saying is if you keep your home like this, chances are your pussy is just as filthy.

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