She's Superbad

MAC's Quite Cute Collection Spring 2011

Tyga "Lap Dance" [official video]

new visual off of Tyga’s upcoming mixtape, Black Thoughts 2

Booktree by Kostas Syrtariotis

Booktree by Kostas Syrtariotis, the shelf takes on the sharp of a tree, the design based on a true story... likecool

NBA's Top 10 Plays for April 6th

Banana KUSH

Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross "Tupac Back" [live]

At the after party for the I Am Music II tour, Rozay and Meek Mill took to the stage at Club Vain to perform their brand new track “Tupac Back”.

Cam’ron & Vado "Gunz N Butta" [Album Snippets]

On April 19th, Killa and Vado will release their long awaited collaborative project Gunz N Butta.


Lingerie Model and Two Hot Lesbians Used to Sell Luxury House

It was a good morning indeed when we stumbled upon a luxury real estate listing with the words "uncensored and uncut" emblazoned on top. Big ups to agents Ian Adams and Adrian Jenkins, of Australia-based NEO Property, for coming up with the radical notion that sex sells. The property in question: a spectacular waterfront contemporary in the exclusive Aussie neighborhood of Sovereign Islands. It's got a kitchen to die for, a sports bar, and an outdoor spa. But all of these so-called "features" pale in comparison to the oiled-up lingerie model—tied to a chair, no less—and the two skivvy-clad blondes about to get it on in one of the bedrooms. The three thespians star in Adams and Jenkins's carefully plotted-out psychosexual/crime/thriller promo video for the house. UPDATE: If you'd prefer to read a much more high-brow description of the $3.99M listing—and, you know, see actual photos—head on over to the Wall Street Journal, who featured it just last week. curbed

FML Daily

Today, I was cleaning my bathroom, and accidentally spilled bleach, ruining my shower curtain, rugs, and towels. While attempting to wipe up the bleach, I knocked over a bottle of shower cleaner. It read, "WARNING: DO NOT MIX WITH BLEACH." I still can't go in the house. FML