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Cupcake Fine-Crystal Clutch

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Throw Back Video-Beenie Man "Who Am I"

Kid Cudi For Complex

You're big on not having your music compared to anyone else's.

Kid Cudi: Did you see that Wale interview that he just did, comparing us to sports? Let me clear this up: I'm incomparable to anybody. I don't care how people take that. No one can compete with me. I'm unfuckwittable; no one can knock me off my s***. I'm an unstoppable force, I'm a bullet. My trajectory is to the sky. Niggas got to do something really spectacular to f*** with me and my realm, and niggas be so bitter that you hear it in their voice.

Speaking of Wale, when you hit that fan at your show last December, he came out with a line about it ["Throwin' 'round wallets like the dude that Kid Cudi hit," from "Thank You Freestyle"].

Kid Cudi: It wasn't a shot, it's just a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper. You can't let that s*** faze you. That's one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. Niggas ain't got the magic like they think they do; there's only a couple of wizards in this game. I'm a wizard and I know it.

Speaking of which: Another song, "Wylin' 'Cause I'm Young," has crazy drug references.

Kid Cudi: Kids respect an honest m***********. I f*** up so I can show you about what not to do. I told you do blow? No, Cud did that, so hopefully you won't have to go through that. [Laughs.]

How heavy did the drug use get?

Kid Cudi: I started doing cocaine to get through interviews, 'cause people wanted to know a lot about my personal life and I wasn't prepared for a 60 Minutes interview every time. Doing bumps I was able to get through the day, but then I would smoke weed to calm me down—it was the only way I could get through the day without people noticing I was doing it.

Did you ever feel like you had a problem?

Kid Cudi: I never thought it was a problem, but I was definitely high-fiving death a couple of times. It took a lot for me to talk about s*** like this on the album. I don't feel like I need to explain myself to anyone besides the fans. My fans don't believe s*** until they hear me say it. And those are true Kid Cudi fans. I want them to know the story.

Was getting locked up after the criminal mischief arrest another wake-up call?

Kid Cudi: The "new me" happened when I was walking out of court that day. It was really just like, "Man, you got it f****** going on, and you were about to p*** it all away for some b*******." Everywhere I go, people be looking at me like I'm some type of f****** crackhead now. Nobody wants to have their f****** name attached to a maniac, to a f***-up, so everyone distances themselves. There are only a few m************ that called and checked in on me. I can count them on my hand.

Who was there for you?

Kid Cudi: Besides the fam, and Yeezy and Don C, there's one artist in this game who has always had my back and had nothing but love to show, and that's Lupe Fiasco. Every time I see that man, it's nothing but love—I saw him a little after it, and he was like "I'm worried about you, man, just checking in." He's somebody who I know really genuinely gives a f***. Noreaga also checked in.

So is that it for cocaine?

Kid Cudi: Yup. No more blow. People do drugs to camouflage emotions and run away from their problems. Now I'm going to deal with certain things as they come, prioritize shit—man up, so to speak. Just for the record, it bugged me out that people said it was liquid cocaine. No, I'm just f****** rich, and my blow comes in a jar. There was no liquid in it—that s*** makes no sense.

Full Article: http://www.complex.com/CELEBRITIES/Cover-Story/Kid-Cudi-2010

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All Hail McQueen

Butter London Beauty has dedicated a nail colour to the designer Alexander McQueen, called “All Hail McQueen.” The colour was inspired by one of his most famous shows. Lovely!

Mod Fish Hotel Stackable Fishbowl

This cube shaped glass fishbowl is surrounded by a hip and swanky white ABS plastic outer shell inspired by Mod Architecture. The white exterior is taller than the glass bowl, and has cut-outs to allow for air flow, so multiple fishbowls can be stacked to create a true hotel effect. You like? Go here.

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Cee Lo's Fuck You Acappella By The Brown Jabberwocks

Neff Cozy Knit Headphones

This AMAZING invention from Neff is gonna help your ears stay warm and entertained at the same time. Actual working headphones double as a knit earmuff. Alpine knit pattern disguises an adjustable headband. Acrylic. Very limited quantity. 48" headphone cable works for all iPod, iPhone, MP3 players. Available at Fredflare.

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