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GQ TVee Interviews @BreezeMantana

Breeze discusses his "You Only Live 2wice" mixtape and drops a freestyle at the end.

Safety Pin Cuff

Every wardrobe needs effortlessly cool accents like Tom Binns' sterling silver-plated safety pin cuff. Wear this modern piece to give a relaxed weekend look a subtle punk twist.

DynastySeries Shoot w| @Jessica_Mericee

Cabinet With A Twist

Hand made of simple materials, wood painted black, but with an intriguing design. Designer Sebastian Errazuriz states "You instantly want to play with the piece and its multiple configurations." The independently controlled slats resemble animal quills and, just like real quills, can be positioned up or down.

Plies Show's Off His Iced Out Iron???

where do I start... i've seen a lot of shit in my time that made absolutely no sense to me but as far as this chain goes i'm at a total lost. just wondering what's the meaning behind the piece and where's the ironing board.

Glamour Says: Sex Tips- Switch Up Your Next Round Of Hooking Up

One of the many things I love about Smitten is that we’ve got this awesome community where we feel comfortable enough to talk about intimate issues and share what works—and what doesn’t—for us in the bedroom. One of our guy readers shared this hot move in the comments yesterday and it’s too good not to post again. Writes LRHubby:

“My wife loves it when she lays on her belly and I give her some down south finger action. I start kissing and nibbling her ears and then work my way down the nape of her neck, then all the way down to her lower back. After that she is ready for almost anything.”

When we’re on the receiving end of hand action, I think we’re often on our backs or sides. But lying on your tummy would provide all sorts of new sensations, don’t you think?

She's Superbad

Have A Heart

This unique cast iron "Have a Heart" bottle opener will help you serve up the love at your next gathering ♥
* 3" x 4"
* Vintage Rust Finish
* Hand Painted Heart
* Metal

Red Cafe "Above The Cloudz" [mixtape]

whaatt else! tracklist and download link below...

In Who Gives A Shit News... T-Mobile Shows Off Their New Sidekick 4G

being that they're getting murdered in the cell phone industry T- Mobile decide's to bring back the infamous Sidekick after how many years? yea i know... powered by android and built from the ground up [so they say] the new kick has a new slider mechanism and a whole bunch of new things that nobody's really gonna buy because of dominant phones like it such as the Blackberry, but of course the best phone is the iPhone haha had to throw that in there. below is a video of a sidekick specialist showing it off even tho it's a little too late for the kick to make its comeback. i have to quote hov on this sidekick situation "you had a spark when you started but now your just garbage".

NBA's Top 5 Plays for March 17th

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#FattyFriday + 1 video

[video] @Reynos "Me No Ablo"

ME NO ABLO! freestyle video by REYNOS! From the new mixtape "REYNMIX VOL.2 COMING SOON...

Hot Tattoo!!!

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