Scientists Make Progress On A HIV Vaccine

After years of disappointment, researchers have finally found a potential basis for an HIV vaccine. Scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases say they have discovered three human antibodies that neutralize more than 90 percent of the current circulating HIV-1 strains.

“This is significant because we’ve now found antibodies that are good templates for HIV vaccine development,” explains Peter Kwong, chief of structural biology for the institute, and co-author of the study published Thursday in the journal Science. “You can potentially inactivate the virus,” he says.

Full Story: CNN

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Is This the Next iPod Shuffle?

According to a member of tw.apple.pro, this photo comes from "deep inside the throat"—that's after a Google Translate. It's a 1.2inch x 1.2inch screen. And it's not hard to imagine it as the next iPod Shuffle.

The component is marked "Apple," which may or may not add credence to the rumor, depending on your personal level of skepticism. Personally, I think the part looks pretty believable as most of some future iPod Shuffle (or Nano). But I'm trying to imagine operating a 1-inch touchscreen.

Seriously, mime the use of such a device. You'd have to, like, balance it on your index finger and attempt to pull off surgical maneuvers with your thumb. Or you'd need to use two hands.

But as Brian Lam points out, it'd make a sensible watch. [tw.Apple.Pro via ipodNN]

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