"The Road To Hope: Webisode #4 ft. @LowKeyUHTN" + 2Nite @BagsTheBoss Will Be On "Reality CheckRadio" @ 1030PM

Tonight our boy will be on "Reality Check Radio" at 1030pm [EST] to speak on the release of "The Audacity Of Hope: Hosted by Dj SussOne" and his single "Black On Black" as well as the Road To Hope Webisodes. On this webisode of "The Road To Hope" we find Bagstheboss performing at the "G Lounge" w| Jae Dub, a phone interview with a Las Vegas radio station, getting stood up by Jumz in Brooklyn, performing at "The SamSung Experience" for an r.O.b event, and we even see the bawse at home getting thrown a surprise birthday party. Check it out!

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