Drake "Over" [official video]

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Travis McCoy ft. Ke$ha "Want U Bad"

A New Look To Chandeliers

As we all can see these are not your ordinary chandeliers. These Yakuza Lou's are sooooo beautiful and elegant. See more here.

Unda Da Sea

Chocolate To The Max

Stop by Max Brenner any time of day for a sweet treat. For breakfast, pick up Mom’s Bagel, a rich pastry oozing with melted chocolate and peanut butter praline. On your lunch hour, why not wander on back for some Warm Chocolate Soup? Later on, if cooking dinner seems like a chore, just order Max’s Chocolate Pizza. For dessert, if you’re brave (and still conscious), tackle the Chocolate Mess, a dish so sloppy it’s eaten with spatulas. Make sure to take it easy the next day.

Nicki Minaj Live Performance [Official BET Spring Bling Pre-Party]

In her first solo performance in South Florida, Nicki Minaj brings a sold-crowd to Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, FL. Accompanied by cameras from BET, Nicki Minaj officially kicks off BET's Spring Bling 2010 as she performs hit such as "Bedrock" and "Shakin' it For Daddy".

Diggy Simmons Talks How His Deal Came About

Diggy Simmons explains how after his mixtape came out the offers started and says there were a lot of labels tryna sign him.

Bobbi Brown's Brightening Spot Treatment

Bobbi Brown (and no not washed up New Edition Bobby Brown), has this incredible product for their line. This corrector will cover and minimize any dark spots or freckles. It's made with natural ingredients so it will even out your skin tone. Get yours at http://www.bobbibrowncosmetics.com/

Rolled- Hems Make It All Better

ALLDRESSEDUP now has these Rolled-Hem Cotten Blend Shorts. There is no need to roll up your pants. Just buy em and your good. Get it? Got it? Good!

Sunday's Top 10 | NBA Highlights

Hot Tattoo!!!

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