J Cole | Born Sinner Series | Kay Cole | Kendrick Lamar [video]

J Cole's Bornsinner.com series part 1 gives a insight on the day Cole retired his mother Kay Cole from her job at the United States Postal Service. while part 2 the day in the life of Kendrick Lamar as he deals with new found fame.

Mike Epps Does His Version Of The Charles Ramsey Interview [video]

BSB.[@TroyAve x @Avon_Blocksdale x @KingSevin & @YoungLitoBSB] VOLUME 2 Artwork & Track List

dropping 5.15.2013

Sony SmartPhone w| Under Water HD Filming | Xperia ZR

go below the surface with the new smartphone from Sony that lets you experience underwater filmingin Full HD.

JUMZ ft. BagsTheBoss - UOENO Remix [video]

directed by @ELROYISAAC | @JUMZ_FOREVER & @BagsTheBoss come together for an In-Studio performance of UOENO.

NBA PlayOffs 2013 @SnapsOnFire Style

w| the 2013 NBA Playoffs underway, you can stand out from other fans by purchasing a custom snapback on SnapsOnFire.com


Beach Bum 2013 | #3

Top 5 Plays 5.13.2013 | NBA Playoffs [video]

FML Daily

Today, I was eating a mystery flavored candy and I had an allergic reaction. Not only did I have to go to the hospital because my throat swelled up, but I still don't know what I'm allergic to. FML