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Disturbing The Sheets: @ShenekaAdams

Disturbing tha Sheets: Sheneka Adams from DTP TV on Vimeo.

Dave Chappelle Freaks Out On Airplane...

People have been wondering about Dave Chappelle's mental stabilty ever since he walked away from the last season of the Chappelle Show, leaving $50 million dollars on the table.

At the time the comedian abruptly left filming for the third season of the wildly successful show and flew to South Africa for a "spiritual retreat".

He's denied ever having a serious drug problem, aside from the occasional joint and supposedly has never checked into a mental institution.

However his actions on a recent flight and subsequent behavior are sure to get the rumor mill going all over again.

According to TMZ, the comedian was on a private jet from New Jersey to his home state of Ohio when he "freaked out", refusing to put his seat belt on.

He allegedly walked into the cockpit, grabbing the pilot's arms demanding he land the plane at once.

The pilot deemed Chappelle to be a "safety risk" and diverted the plane to Pittsburgh.

Once there Dave checked into a hotel and inquired about renting a car so he could drive home to Ohio, only he couldn't remember where he lived.

According to Dave's rep, the comedian ate something that made him sick. He didn't want to use the plane's bathroom because it "wasn't the kind he needed".

The Real Freeway Has To Find Another Way To Get Rich Again

Rick Ross has reportedly won the first stage of his legal battle against former drug kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross - the former convict's injunction against the rapper has been "tossed out" by a judge. The rapper, real name William Leonard Roberts II, has been accused of adopting his stage name from the former cocaine trafficker, who became infamous for running a drug empire in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

Ross warned Roberts he would face a court battle if he did not change his moniker before the release of his upcoming album, Teflon Don, and the ex-convict kept his word when his legal team filed a trademark infringement lawsuit last month (Jun10) in the California U.S. District Court.

Ross was expected to summon rap legend Jay-Z to testify in the case as the 99 Problems hitmaker was the boss of Def Jam records when Roberts was signed to the label in 2006.

But Roberts has reportedly received the green light to go ahead with the release of his album later this month (Jul10), advising followers on his Twitter account that an injunction request to halt the record has been denied.

He writes on his page, "Just got update on lawsuit filed against me... injunction to stop release of my album has been denied!! aka tossed out!!... Teflon don july20..."


Waka Flocka ft. Ciara "Hard in the Paint" [Remix]

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