Meek Mill "Faded Too Long" [official video]

Man Who Sold His Kidney For An iPod And iPad Suffering From Renal Failure

A Chinese boy who made world news when his mother discovered he had sold his kidney to a group led by a man who needed to pay off his gambling debts in exchange for an iPad and iPod is now suffering potentially grave effects from his procedure. Five people have now been charged with illegal use of a kidney. thelifefiles

Mac Miller "Thoughts From A Balcony" [official video]

directed by Mac Miller & Justin Boyd

Morning Cakery

Tuesday's Top 10 Plays | NBA Highlights

FML Daily

Today, I learned the hard way that if you tell your child that they're old enough to cook their own food in the microwave, you have to make sure they're smart enough not to put the metal spoon in with the food as well. FML