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NIKE FFF Destroyer Jacket

NIKE Sportswear has launched the FFF (French Football Federation) destroyer jacket .

A Look Back... | Michael Jordan Covers GQ

Drake & Lil Wayne perform "Miss Me" in Vegas!

VIBE Magazine’s Amy Winehouse Tribute Cover

Troy Ave "Otis" | "On My Level"

alright, alright @TroyAve sends a nigga not one but two new freestytles? happy friday and #powder to the people, WIFIH has gotten word that a video for the Troy Ave and Prodigy Track "Dirty Martini" is on the way reallll soon. BIMB2 almost here too.

Throwback Video- Wiz Khalifa "Never Been"

not really that old but...fuck it, its how im feeling

Slik Nik Presents: "8 Whiteboys I'd Give Up The Thug Life For"

Anyone who knows me knows, I'm down with the brown. I can't help that the majority of men I'm attracted to happen to be latin or black. But lately, I've become something of equal opportunist. Dont get me wrong, I think theres something attractive about every race, but this wave of whiteboys have started a tsunami in my pants. So without further ado, I present 8 whiteboys, I'd give up the thug life for:

1. Ryan Gosling

You may know him from The Notebook or even from back when he was on The Mickey Mouse Club. Even though I've always admired him for his acting skills, a trailer for his upcoming movie Crazy Stupid Love has sparked an obsession inside of my uterus. I would have all of his children with or without his consent. Rachel McAdams, you fucked up. Call me Ryan.

2. Bradley Cooper

Best known recently for his character Stu from The Hangover movies, this blue eyed sexy beast first caught my attention in Wedding Crashers. He represents the alpha male/jock/asshole us women hate to admit we have a weakness for. Not to mention, his smile could melt panties.

3. Yelawolf

Just when I thought all white rappers were gonna look like Em or even Mac Miller (barf), along came Yelawolf. This lil country bumpkin has swept me off of my feet. Say what you will, but after seeing him perform an accapella version of "Pop That Trunk", I was in awe. Maybe it was the baby blues or the raw delivery in which he spit, but I would easily move into a trailer with him and cook some squirrel on the grill. I'd be all about that white trash life.

4. Rob Dyrdek

He is a perfect example of how personality overshadows looks. Clearly, Mr. Dyrdek is height deficient and some may even say ugly. But what the man lacks in looks, he makes up for in talent & charisma. Theres something to be said for a man who can constantly keep you laughing, who also happens to be a creative genius & young enterpenuer. You can do no wrong in my eyes Bobby Light. I'd gladly be your "Dirty Girl"

4. Justin Timberlake

Oh Justin, you've been tearin up my heart since I was 11. We've been through a lot together. Back when people though you were a poser, I stood by my man. Then you did "Cry Me A River" and the world finally caught up and realized you were pure white chocolate. Then you became a triple threat when you brought your comedic acting ability to SNL with Dick In A Box. Fuck a box Justin, I'll take a case.

5. Alexander Skarsgard

First, let me assure you all by saying, I do not have some weird vampire fetish. I've never even seen Twilight. I was reluctant to even get into True Blood and then came "Eric". He's the palest/blondest man I've ever been attracted to, but theres something super sexy about him. I cant quite sink my teeth into why (pun intended) but if Sookis' hoe ass doesnt want him, he can do bad things to me.

7. Jason Statham

I know what your thinking, "The Transporter guy? the dude from Crank? " yes and yes. There is something insanely hot about this man. I'm pretty sure he plays the same character in all of his movies, but thats not whats important. My libido rises with every skull he cracks and name he takes. Plus, that scene in Crank where hes banging his girl at the flea market ?!? Sign me up!

8. Mike Posner

I know i'm gonna get shit for this, but I love this Jew boy. He seems like he'll cry looking at your old baby pictures with you and thats okay with me. I like a man who is man enough yet gentle enough to buy tampons for me. No worries Mike, when you wake up tomorrow I'll still be here, but you're making breakfast.

Honorable Mentions:

Mark Wahlberg
Matthew McConaughey
Paul Walker
David Beckham
Brad Pitt
James Franco
Leonardo DiCaprio

Do I even need to give an explanation? These guys are like a good pair of jeans, they never go out of style.

If you want to hear more fuckery from Slik Nik check her out here


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Beach Bum #44

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FML Daily

Today, after being recently laid off at work due to "cutbacks", I went job searching around town. During my drive, I cruised past my old workplace and saw a "now hiring" sign in their window. FML