KiD CuDi "Pursuit Of Happiness" [live]

cudder peforms live at the terminal in nyc, shoutout to blowhiphoptv on the vid.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

A Look Back... | Jordan and Penny

Two of the greatest, kicks are equally as untouchable as the players themselves. via TBP

The Nike Swoosh Turns 40

Over the hill? Nope, forever young. Back in 1971 Carolyn Davis was a graphic design student at Portland State University that “couldn’t afford to take oil painting”. Phil Knight, an accounting professor at the school, approached Davis about a freelance project. She accepted, and after roughly 17.5 hours of work she presented Knight with what is now known as the Swoosh. On June 18th, 1971 the US patent Office recorded the logo. It’s been uphill for Nike ever since.

"Peep The Sneaks" @TheKidBBrown [official video]

Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne "Ballin" [official video]

"above the rim" the movie themed video for "Ballin" by Young jeezy ft. Weezy

She's Superbad

2012 BMW M5 Unveiled

As most BMW enthusiasts know if the car has a //M badge attached to the care it will have plenty of goodies that can and cannot be seen. When the badge is added to a 5-series we get even more excited. Here we see the new 2012, F10 bodied M5 showing up. Featuring a new body that has flared fenders and proper aerodynamic additions for the high speeds capable from the machine. You can tell it is a real “M” car with the addition of larger air intake ports, fender openings, quad-tipped exhaust as well as 20-inch wheels with Z-rated tires.