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NBA Player Beaten Viciously by ‘My Wife and Kids’ Actress

Looks can be deceiving. The angel-faced actress who played Claire Kyle on the Damon Wayans-led sitcom “My Wife and Kids” is physically abusive towards her husband. Jennifer Freeman viciously beat NBA player Earl Watson shortly before midnight on Aug 1.

The couple got into an argument after Watson checked Freeman’s phone after she received a late-night text.

According to legal documents filed at L.A. County Superior Court, Freeman became upset and attacked Watson by hitting him in the face and biting him furiously on the chest and drawing blood. She then bit him on the wrist and attempted to attack him with an iron.

The next morning, Watson filed for divorce and sought custody of the couple’s 10-month old baby. Today, Watson rescinded the divorce claim and returned to Freeman.

i guess u cant judge a book by its cover cause from the show i thought she couldnt hurt a fucking fly, but i see i was wrong lol

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