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Jay-Z "Run This Town" (Super Bowl XLIV Intro)

WIFIH Asks | Who You Think's Gonna Win The Big Game?

im going with the Colts, who you got your money on?

Dirty Money Superbowl Commercial

Queen Latifah "America, The Beautiful" (Super Bowl XLIV)

Mirror Pic Of The Month Goes To...

Over here at WIFIH @NicciDGAF came up with the idea to have a mirror pic of the month and of course id never have a problem with that, so thats exactly what were gonna do.
Every month you get to choose who becomes the hottest mirror pic by simply leaving comments and voting on who it should be. If you wanna submit in a mirror pic simply send it in to whatifeelishot@gmail.com with your twitter name or annonymous if you like.

She's Got Lead

She goes by Piino, A disgruntled New York lady.
An attempted comic book illustrator who has found herself stuck between fashion and pin up art.
"Where do I go from there?" she says, I say to the top! Her talent is endless and she has a eye
for just the right touch on all her projects. Piino is the artist behind my sites logo of course after finding her through twitter i hadddd to work with her. Here's a pic of the WIFIH logo in its early stages

you can follow her blog to stay up to date on everything she's working on. Here's a few of my favorite pieces of artwork she's got on her site

follow @Piino on twitter
and make sure you checkout and bookmark her site ShesGotLead.com

Saturdays Top 10 | NBA Highlights

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Nas Performs "Hip Hop Is Dead" | "N.Y. State Of Mind" Live In Miami