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Clock Embeded In Bed by Florian Schärfer

Satin sheets symbolizing luxury are getting geeky by the day! Imagine integrating a radio alarm clock within the Sheet! That’s the Melted Clock for you: a haptic, touch sensitive alarm with speakers and controls all embedded within your sheet. The three control icons are embroidered on the sheet and relevant to the operating elements on the outside edge of the bed sheet. Use the two in combo to set your radio frequency, alarm time etc. Essentially, you just feel your way through this system; IN YOUR FACE!

The clock segments are thin and hidden underneath the fabric. They consist of silicone and give the emboss feel via a slat of EPS (electroactive polymer, used for artificial muscles). When activated by electricity, the slat expands and lifts up the silicon segment; giving us the embossed numbers of the clock.

Apparently you can even wash the sheet; the silicon segment and the EPS slat are fixed in a small case. The small cases are arranged on a platen. When you want to wash the sheet, you just remove the platen with the clock components.

Did I mention that you need to be a pro at bed-making.

Designer: Florian Schärfer

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Mase "I Do The Impossible"[mixtape]

01 DJ J1 Is A Made Man
02 Intro To I Do The Impossible
03 Listen Close
04 Empire State Of Mind (rmx)] f. Alicia Keys
05 If I Come Back For You f. Mo Manson, Murda Mook, LA, Gruff, Charlie Clipz, Cashflow, Loaded Lux & 2 Way
06 Buy U A Round (rmx)
07 When NY Was NY
08 Programmed To Do The Impossible
09 Do It For U f. Trey Songz & P. Reala
10 Gimme 20 Dollaz (rmx) f. Ron Browz, Jim Jones, OJ Da Juiceman, & Shawty Lo
11 Come To Me f. Verse
12 Shut the City Down
13 Get It f. Cam’ron & Kidd Rossi
14 Immortal
15 Try To Sleep With A Broken Heart (rmx) f. Alicia Keys
16 Activate My Swag f Rose Raz
17 NY Minute (rmx) f. Jadakiss & French Montana
18 I Need A Girl (rmx) f. Trey Songz
19 Married to the Streets f French Montana
20 In The Wind f. Nikateen & Rose Raz
21 Public Apology Ladies

Tila Tequila Naked Ustream Video And Pics

video via WSHH

Stealing lamborghini's, Where They Do That At???

Ne-Yo "Gone"

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

Fabolous ft. Kobe "Imma Do It"

Jay-Z Co-Signing for Nicki Minaj on Robin Thicke's Album

Baby Doing The Stanky Leg lol

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Ralph Lauren: American Holiday

Get yours at Ralph Lauren

His Bags Are Like His Shoes...Perfect

Who else but Mr. Louboutin designed this brilliant hand piece.

China Selling Obama Goods?

Umm, I'm not too sure but is this good or bad?

M.O.B's Holiday Collection

Multi Use Cassette Player Accessory

Bracelets With An Edge

Martin Ali jewlery, loves it!

Hot Mirror Pic!!!