Glamour Says: 10 Ways to Sweat-Proof Your Summer Beauty Routine

1- Stick to long wearing formulas
2- Apply eyeshadow with a damp brush
3- Be strategic around your eyes
4- Spot-Treat shine
5- Lock in moisture the right way
6- Put on your antiperspirant at night
7- Deal with a sweaty head ASAP
8- Head off scalp oiliness
9- Switch your mascara
10- Get a primer

Hot Tattoo!!!

Modern Vintage Candle Lights

Give your space some vintage illumination with this unique set of 3 votive/tealite candle holders. Each of the little glass vessels features a different Victorian era light source printed on it - an Edison Light Bulb, a Gas Lantern, and an Electric Lamp.
* Set of 3
* 2.5"t x 2"d
* Glass

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Creative Closets

Suede Native Bags

An oversized suede bag that fastens with a faux lion's tooth marble clasp. Features a short strap for easy handling, and an interior medium-sized pocket for secure storage.
100% Suede construction

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