Wiz Khalifa "California" [official video]

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Rick Ross South Africa Vlog Pt.2 | Gabon [video]

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$3.4 Million Bottle Of Liquor

Henri IV Dudognon Heritage the most expensive bottle of 100 year old aged cognac comes in a pure platinum, gold and 6,500 diamond encrusted bottle. learn more about the liquor and buy it here

A Couple Of Thieves Refuse To Steal Blackberries Or Androids... Wanted iPhones Only

Some Columbia University students were recently robbed in upper Manhattan. While robberies happen on the streets of New York City every day, this particular instance was an interesting case of smartphone theft.

The pair of bandits ambushed three students and demanded that they hand over their iPhones. Not only did the robbers demand iPhones specifically, but they also refused to steal Droid or Blackberry phones.

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Young Jeezy Says He’s Looking For The Person Who Leaked ‘TM103′

A few days ago during his Ustream session with fans, Jeezy said he was kinda cool with TM103 taking the leak route on the internet. But that doesn’t seem to be the actual case. He tells Global Grind that he’s looking for the person who leaked the album.

Global Grind: TM103, we’ve been waiting for this, which seems like forever. It leaked online already.

Young Jeezy: Yeah, I’m looking for the n*gga who leaked my sh*t.

Meek Mill w| The Source [video]