Thats Crazy... Teen Throws Boiling Water On Girl For Unfriending Him On Facebook

A spurned teen took revenge on a girl by burning her face with boiling water after she unfriended him on Facebook, according to police in India.

 The Independent reports that the boy, from Bihar state in northern India, came to the 15-year-old victim's house on Wednesday and said he had left his I.D. in the home. He then allegedly shoved the girl's mother aside and poured water on the victim's face.

 The Times of India reported that the girl was taken to a hospital where she's being treated for burns to 20 percent of her face including her right cheek and right side of her neck.

 Other outlets have identified the boy, but The Huffington Post has not because he is a minor and has not been charged as an adult. Police are currently looking for him after he fled, following the incident. He is an undergraduate student at a Muzaffarpur college. more on this story here

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