Prison Warden’s Wife Found Guilty Of Helping Prisoner Lover Escape

A Greer County jury determined that 49-year-old Bobbi Parker helped convicted killer Randolph Franklin Dial escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory in 1994.
Parker insisted that Dial kidnapped her and kept her from reaching out for help for more than a decade by threatening to harm her daughters. The two were found living together in Texas in 2005 – along with a collection of love letters and sex toys.

The jury recommended that Parker receive one year in prison when she is sentenced October 6. She could have faced up to 10 years in prison.
Parker remains in custody.
Bobbi Parker showed no reaction as the jury read the verdict shortly after noon.
Husband Randy Parker, who was with his wife during the trial, bowed his head and was comforted by family members.
Prosecutors said they were pleased with the verdict.

‘We’re just grateful for the work of the jury to sacrifice their summer, said Assistant District Attorney David Thomas, lead prosecutor in the case.
Defense attorney Garvin Isaacs said Parker did not receive a fair trial and he will appeal the verdict.

‘I will never quit until Bobbi Parker is a free woman,’ Isaacs said. ‘We had overwhelming evidence of Bobbi Parker’s innocence … We’re going to have another trial in this case. This case will be reversed on appeal.’

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