Meet The Guy Who Gets Paid To Smoke Weed

Vice gets in depth w| american marijuana consultant Russ Hudson, who uses Spain's loose marijuana restrictions to explore and review different types of weed.

Hot Mirror Pic!!!

The Walking Dead: Season 7 [trailer]

Young Lito Interview w| @RudeBoyyDotCom [podcast]

@YoungLitoBSB is the special guest for the latest episode of #RudeTalk. He speak's on his latest record ‘ENUFF’ addressing the #BlackLivesMatter movement, his personal run-ins with the police and police brutality as a whole. Lito also talks about his background, how he started rapping, his upcoming music, mixtapes and more. Pay then grills Lito about the Providence “groupies” wether he lives in RI or not and much more. Subscribe on iTunes & Google Play now.

Beach Bum 2016 | #2

Dane Lawrence - Please Listen To My Demo

@DaneLawrence returns to Long Island this week with his new Saturday Morning Freestyle over EPMD's classic "Please Listen To My Demo". Fly with the Underdog into next week for the Saturday Morning Freestyles Part 3 Finale.

Mone - Cloth Talk [video]

@Callmemone drops a visual to his track "Cloth Talk". His next project titled "The Detour" is set to be released soon.


CallMeMone - Oh Lawd

@CallMeMONE kicks some gospel on his latest track "Oh Lawd".


CallMeMone - Cloth Talk

@CallMeMone drops another one for #MoneMondays this one is titled "Cloth Talk".

Steven A. Smith Gives His Views On KD Leaving OKC For Golden State