Lady Gaga Covers Harper’s Bazaar

Lady Gaga truly bares all in the October Issue of Harper’s Bazaar. The zany pop star wears minimal makeup and scraps the facial prosthetics for a virginal nypmh look. It’s a far cry from her alter-ego Jo Calderone and her usual monster-esque appearance. At one point of the interview, the cover girl’s fair lady talks fashion and dishes about her trip to the Versace archives with friends.

“It was me and my friends,” Gaga remembers of this particular fashion moment. “We were all running around this warehouse laughing and putting on jackets and shoes. We started crying at one point. I’ve been dreaming of seeing those outfits my whole life.”

Why wouldn’t one of the most fashion-forward, uninhibited icons experience the fashion moment of a lifetime? It’s not normal for you and I, but it’s definitely Gaga.

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