NYPD Arrest Reggae Star Denroy Morgan After Catching Him w| 310 Pounds Of Marijuana

Jamaican-born reggae star Denroy Morgan has been busted on drug charges after cops saw him leaving a Bronx home at dawn carrying 25 pounds of marijuana, police said.

Morgan's capture set off a domino effect that led to the seizure of a 310-pound stash of ganja and the arrest of another man caught toting 16-pounds of pot, cops said.

Known for his 1981 reggae-disco hit "I'll Do Anything For You," Morgan, 66, confessed to cops that he was flush with weed when they pulled his car over Wednesday afternoon and got a whiff of the strong bud, police said.

A source said the bust did not stem from a surveillance sting, but was the result of eagle-eyed narcotics cops.

Narcotics detectives were working on an unrelated case on Taylor Ave. when they saw Morgan walking out of building about 4 p.m. carrying what appeared to be a brick of marijuana in shrink-wrapped packaging, the source said.

Detectives immediately pulled Morgan's car over and noticed a strong odor of marijuana wafting from the car.

Morgan copped to having a trunk load of weed, the source said.

Cops popped open the trunk and found two large bags filled with 25 pounds of grass, the source said.

When detectives returned to the Taylor Ave. apartment, they spotted a second man coming out of the building carrying a large package and getting into a car, the source said.

When cops stopped Wayne Sway, 46, they found another 16 pounds of pot in his car, the source said.

After obtaining a search warrant, cops entered the apartment at 1122 Taylor Ave., near Bruckner Blvd., and found the huge load.

Morgan of Springfield, Mass., and Swavy of Mount Vernon were both charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

Cops said the 351-pound marijuana seizure has a street value between $140,000 and $351,000.

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