Wi-Fi Calling Is Now Available for AT&T iPhone Users Running iOS 9

AT&T has reportedly activated Wi-Fi Calling for iPhone customers with eligible plans who are running iOS 9. Wi-Fi calling is available on the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus running iOS 9. 

Wi-Fi Calling allows devices to place calls over a wireless connection when cellular connectivity is poor. When the feature is switched on, an iPhone will use the Wi-Fi network it is logged into for phone calls, improving the quality of the call. 

 AT&T customers can turn on Wi-Fi Calling by going to: “Settings” -> “Phone” -> “Wi-Fi Calling,” and toggle the “Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone” switch to on. (GREEN). Users will also have to enter a 911 emergency address to complete the process.

via [mactrast]

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