Registering to Vote Through Text Message? Yes, It's A Thing Now!

Now registering to vote is as easy as sending a text message. The 2016 election is approaching. Are you registered to vote? HelloVote allows you to register to vote just by using your phone. No excuses people! More information is available after the jump...

What is HelloVote? 
HelloVote is the chat bot that registers you to vote! Simply enter your number on this page or text HELLO to 384-387 and HelloVote will guide you through the process and help take care of filling out the voter registration form for your state. It's as simple as sending a few texts! (Data & message rates may apply. Text STOP to 384-387 to stop all messages.)

How does this work? 
HelloVote asks you a series of questions by text message or Facebook Messenger, to help you register to vote. In several states, your answers submit directly to state online forms, so there are no paper forms to fill out! (No other service makes it this fast and easy.) In other states, we send you a pre-filled form by email or - if you don't have a printer - by mail. We include a stamped envelope, so to complete your registration you just have to sign and mail it. We also provide links to your state's own online registration system, if they have one. (Some of these aren't mobile friendly, so mailing the form may be easier.) Before submitting your registration, HelloVote will give you the chance to verify that your information is correct. Do not provide false information, as your state may consider that a criminal offense. 

 Why is this useful? 
We believe voting should be as easy and accessible as possible. HelloVote makes the process of registering to vote as easy as possible, by removing all the barriers. It's fast. It's 100% nonpartisan. You don't need a printer. You don't need a computer. You don't need stamps for mailing things. You don't even need a smartphone - any cellphone will work! With so much at stake in the upcoming election, it's crucial that every eligible voter shows up and casts their ballot in November. Already registered? Please share this page (or our shortcode 384-387) and help get your friends registered!

Check out their site here.

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