DIY Photo Coasters

DIY projects are always fun and the best part is, they mean more to you than something purchased in a store. See how She Hearts It transforms her photos into coasters...

Gather your supplies: 
 4×4 white ceramic tile 
 Photos of your choice 
Mod Podge 
 Paint brush 
 Clear Acrylic Sealer 
 Small Felt Circles used for furniture

1. Start by cleaning and drying tiles. 
2. Rough up tiles surface with sandpaper so Mod Podge on back of photo adheres to tile better. 
3. Apply thin coat of Mod Podge to back of photo.

4. Center photo on tile and smooth out with credit card. Let dry. 
5. Apply thin even layer of Mod Podge over top of tile and photo. Let dry. (Try to keep your brush strokes even because they will show up a little when it’s dry.)

6. Repeat step 5, two more times. Let completely dry between coats.
 7. Once Mod Podge layers are completely dry, then spray a coat of clear acrylic to make coasters water resistant. (Do this step in a well ventilated area.)
 8. Adhere felt pads to bottom of tile to protect table tops from being scratched.

FYI: Allow to dry for about 72 hours to be sure product is fully dry.


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